Tuesday, March 29, 2016

EPISODE 049 - Team Negative 1 Strikes Back PART 2

Our conversation gets a little crazy in this continuation of our conversation from last time.. Can you believe Mr. Black and most of Team Negative 1 HAVE NOT SEEN The Force Awakens?!?!? We find out more about that, the end of Team Negative 1, and Mr. Black's plans for a Raiders restoration. He also threatens us with restoring Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. We also dive into collecting talk.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Pop in your Blu ray and join the Expanded Fandomverse's Jason Collier and Tim McMahon for a full length commentary of the Force Awakens. We give you instructions to sync up your player to this podcast and then proceed to take you on a journey through The Force Awakens. We share our Fan Boy insight as well as cool and interesting facts about the film.

Answer the questions,"What were Tim and Jason's least favorite parts of the film?" and email your response to theexpandedfandomverse@gmail.com. The correct answers will be put in a drawing to win a set of 3 double sided Force Awakens mini posters shown below:

Saturday, March 12, 2016

EPISODE 048 - Team Negative 1 Strikes Back

A year later, and we return to find out what film restorationists Team Negative 1 have been up to. We talk to group spokesperson, code named: Mr. Black, about the Silver Screen Edition of the original Star Wars and the future of the group.

We throw out the mind probe and trench run, just to get down to legal issues, some Disney bashing and good old fashion George Lucas hating. Get ready for a no holds barred discussion of film restoration and fun.