Sunday, July 13, 2014


Hey, Tim here.  I just wanted to tell you guys about what's going on with the show.  Jason and I have been brainstorming, talking things over and making plans.  And, best of all, we are almost ready to go!

Let me fill you in on our plans.  Right now, we hope to record a "test show" the weekend of July 26th.  We may or may not release it, depending on how this goes, but... Its my guess that we will share at least some of it as "bonus content".  So, keep your ears open for that.

After we work out the kinks with our test show, the goal is to record "for reals" the weekend of August 2nd.  That show will be one for the history books, and for iTunes.  Yup, after many broken promises and failed attempts, the show is finally coming to iTunes!

Right now we are making contact with some interesting people who are doing interesting things with their expressions of fandom.  Also, we are reaching out to some other fans who we hope will become correspondents on the show, to report on different corners of fandom, from time to time.  And Dan White will be back to chew the power cables too!

(If the idea of being a correspondent sounds interesting to you, drop us an email for more details! -

Anyway, there's a lot more to come, but for now, mark your calendars!  The all-new Expanded Fandomverse is on the way!

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