Tuesday, April 14, 2015

EPISODE 026 - Joe & Chris, from the Brew & Blasters podcast

And I'm Back!

Hey, it's Tim here, and after three months away, I am back on the show!  A big thanks to Jason and Dan for all they've done since the new year, and for warmly welcoming me back!

Because this was my first show back, I felt like babbling and rambling, so this episode is less structured than our normal episodes.  It's somewhere between what we normally do, and one of our uncensored "Scum & Villainy" aftershows.  Oh, and please be warned, we use a few non-Star Wars musical queues, and they do have use a few choice, adult words.  So, if you're sensitive to such a thing, you've been warned.

It has taken quite a bit of craziness behind the scenes to get this episode out.  We touch on part of this mess in the show, and I wont bore you with the rest.  Anyway, thanks for sticking with us!  (This episode was recored the first week of April.)

Also, we had to record this show over the phone.  First, Jason had to call in, and in the interview portion, I had to call in.  So, our apologies for the lower audio quality.

And speaking of the interview, our guests this week are Joe and Chris from Brews & Blasters, a Star Wars podcast I greatly enjoy.  Be sure to check out their show.  Besides Brews & Blasters, we talk about their other projects online (RetroZap.com and The Collectors Hutt), the guys give me advice on how to banter, and we contemplate who would win in a battle, Godzilla or the Zillo Beast; a tribe of Tusken Raiders or a Predator.  And then we really go off the rails and talk about… well, you'll have to listen to learn!

(And a big thank you to Joe and Chris for their technical help behind the scenes.  Much appreciated guys!  First rounds on me!)

So, thanks for listening!  Thanks for having me back!

Show Outline...
NEWS - 9:45
ENDING - 1:29:30

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RetroZap - http://www.retrozap.com/
Collectors Hutt - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOCjnFe7Sax5xkadJtDn-Bw
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