Sunday, May 31, 2015

EPISODE 029 - Mattias Rendahl, author of A New Proof

This week, our guest is Mattias Rendahl, author of the new book, "A New Proof".  This book is about the history, and the collectability, of proofs.  What are proofs?   They are the preproduction trial runs of Kenner toy packaging.  Basically, test runs of card backs and boxes, that are then tweaked and polished before being sent to the printers.  This was an area of Star Wars history I was not familiar with, and a segment of collectables I didn't know people were into.  I learned some interesting hinges from Mattias, and I hope you did too!

In this episode, we also take an in depth look at the biggest news item of the week, the reveal of Andy Serkis's character in The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke.  (Or as Dan keeps calling him, Grand Admiral Snookie!)  We also debate whether or not he will be able to top his performance in 13 Going On 30!

Also, I apologize, we are still working through some technical issues (but then, when are we not!), and the audio quality for one of our voices (Tim's) does not match the rest.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this mess.

Show Outline-
Intro - 00:42
News - 2:06
Interview - 18:16
Ending - 1:01:20

Links for Mattias Rendahl…
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A New Proof Facebook Group -
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A print interview with Mattias -

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