Saturday, January 16, 2016

EPISODE 045 - Christopher Gearhart -Lego Filmmaker

This week Dan White joins the show from his movie watching hiatus to help interview Christopher Gearhart, a Lego fan film filmmaker. Chris has a great Youtube channel called Bricks Brought to Life where he is displaying his newest short: Lego Star Wars - The Underworld. We talk with Chris about The Force Awakens, making brickfilms and quiz him on Lego history. All this, Dan's mini review of the Force Awakens, and New Force Awakens Sounds and dialog. Plus, this month if you follow us on Twitter you'll be entered into a drawing to win the REBELS Epic Battles Visual Guide.

01:18- Intro

02:45-Dan's Min-Review

06:16 Christopher Gearhart Interview

26:50 Mind Probe

36:14  Thermal Oscillator Starkiller Base trvia run

48:43 Closing


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