Sunday, April 6, 2014

EPISODE FOUR - Erich Shafer, 501st Member

After a week off due to MORE technical issues (I'm not as thought as I smart I was!), Episode Four is up and ready to go!

This week I talk with Erich Shafer, a very active member of the 501st New England Garrison, and the only guest I've had so far that I have actually met in person.  We talk about his 201 troops, cannon vs non-cannon costuming, and of course, his thoughts on Episode VII.  You can find out more about Erich on his site, Enjoy!


That's Erich in the center.

Erich, the center X-Wing Pilot once again.

Erich on the far left, and I am on the far right in my Stormtrooper armor.

Group photo.

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