Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EPISODE 023 - Mr. Black, from Team Negative 1

After interviewing Harmy and Adwan, Jason was contacted by the mysterious Mr. Black from the secret group Team Negative 1. These guys have hunted down and obtained their own 35mm theatrical prints of the Star Wars films for use in the fan film and film restoration community. We discuss the preservation of the original films and their latest release The Empire Strikes Back - Renegade Grindhouse. Dan and Jason go on a couple of Star Wars rants, Jason tries to giveaway more toys, and we hint at future guests. Plus, one of the oddest Etsy items of the week!

Etsy Item of the Week

Show Outline...

Intro... 00:38

Star Wars Rant... 01:37

News... 09:20

Etsy Item... 17:32

Team Negative 1 Interview... 20:05

Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 01:36:13

Closing... 01:38:57

Team Negative 1 Links...

Star Wars-1977-35mm-theatrical-version-release-details



Wednesday, January 7, 2015

EPISODE 022 - Dan White, new co-host of The Expanded Fandomverse

In this episode we have a very important announcement from one of our hosts. We are also joined by friend of the show and editorial contributor Dan White. We put Dan through the paces with the mind probe, make him tackle the trench run, and find about an interesting Star Wars "Dirty Little Secret". We talk about what we got for Christmas, and give the listener a chance to win toys! All this, and magical childhood story of the lost Greedo!

Show Outline:
Intro... 00:41
Christmas Wrap-up... 05:23
News... 10:32
Dan White's Mind Probe... 24:17
Trench Run... 50:46
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 57:05
Closing...  1:02:34