Friday, May 23, 2014


Sorry- No new episode this week. I've been a bit run down this week, and I haven't had the chance to put the work into a new show. I may post some bonus content, but no "real" episode. Check back next week. Thanks for your patience.

Monday, May 19, 2014

EPISODE NINE - Alex Robinson & Pete The Retailer from The Star Wars Minute Podcast

This weeks episode features the team behind my favorite Star Wars podcast right now, The Star Wars Minute.  I think this is one of the best episodes I've done, and I hope you agree.  Though, I did forget to ask them their "origin story".  How did they meet?  Who came up with the idea for their show?  How did it evolve into what it is today?  Oh well, maybe next time.  Alex and Pete are welcome back any time!  Enjoy the conversation.


Sunday, May 18, 2014


Originally, I posted new episodes on the weekends. But unfortunately, this weekend and the two before it, have been very busy for me.

So, this week, like the two before it, I will be posted the new episode on Monday morning.  Sometime before noon Eastern US Time, I hope.

Thank you for your patience.  Please check in again tomorrow.  This weeks episode is a good one!

Thursday, May 15, 2014


Remember when I posted (on March 30th) that I was going to start putting more content on this site, other then just posting new episodes?  Well, I havent really followed through with that promise.

However, I just want to point out that I have become much more active on The Expanded Fandomverse Tumblr and Facebook page.  Posting to Tumblr and Facebook is an easy thing to do on my phone whenever I have a quiet moment to spare, so...

Please be sure to check out the official Expanded Fandomverse Tumblr and Facebook page for more Star Wars goodness.  And please keep checking back here each week for new shows.


Monday, May 12, 2014

EPISODE EIGHT - Frank O'Sullivan, Irish Gentleman

Sorry, a day late this week (again.)

This week, I was saved by Mr. Frank O'Sullivan from Dublin, Ireland.  For more information about what I'm talking about, have a listen to this weeks show!  Thanks.


Saturday, May 10, 2014


Remember back when "The Phantom Menace" was the greatest movie of all time?  Well, back before it was released, before we all saw it, it was the greatest movie EVER!

Man oh man...  The anticipation, the build up, the hype...  I would argue that the months and weeks building up to that May release date in 1999 where the greatest time to be a Star Wars fan.  The most fun time to be a Star Wars fan, that's for certain!

Here is a compilation of news footage about the camp out and line up for tickets at my local theater.  -  I remember getting a call at work from a friend saying that people where lining up and we had to be there NOW!  I lied about having to go get my wife, and rushed out of work.  I made it in time to be 5th in line!

Good time, good times...  But why did I think the bucket hat was a good look?

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Last weeks episode had the first installment of "Chewing The Power Cables with Dan White".  Dan wanted to talk about the EU, and I wanted him to talk about the casting news.  We came to a compromise...

Dan did the casting news for his segment, and then we had a whole conversation about the Expanded Universe.  I recorded that conversation, and I am releasing it as the first Expanded Fandomverse BONUS CONTENT.

Not quite one of my regular shows, but still it was fun to record, so, I'm releasing it under the banner of BONUS CONTENT.  So, take a listen as Dan and I go on for an hour about the death of The Expanded Universe.  Enjoy!


Monday, May 5, 2014

EPISODE SEVEN - Danny Jimenez & William Pineda from Grand Zillo Creations

This weeks episode is a day late.  Sorry about that.  I had a very busy weekend, and all of it to due to Star Wars!  Saturday was Free Comic Book day, so I was off trooping with the 501st, making the rounds of the local comic shops here in Portland.  The next day, more trooping!  We drove down to Boston for Star Wars Day at the Franklin Park Zoo.  ---Check out The Expanded Fandomverse Tumblr and Instagram account for a few photos.

Anyway, when I got home yesterday I started this episode, but... I ran out of energy.  But, after a good nights sleep, I am all rested up and was finally able to publish.

This week is a conversation with Danny & William, the guys behind Grand Zillo Creations.  They are young artists, who first came to my attention with this...

This is the helmet they created, based on the Stormtrooper designs from the upcoming show Star Wars: Rebels.  And man oh man, do I want one!

Also on this weeks show, is a new segment call "Chewing The Power Cables with Dan White".  Dan will be a regular contributor to the show, giving his curmudgeonly take on the Star Wars news of the day.  So, sit back, have a listen, and enjoy!