Saturday, May 10, 2014


Remember back when "The Phantom Menace" was the greatest movie of all time?  Well, back before it was released, before we all saw it, it was the greatest movie EVER!

Man oh man...  The anticipation, the build up, the hype...  I would argue that the months and weeks building up to that May release date in 1999 where the greatest time to be a Star Wars fan.  The most fun time to be a Star Wars fan, that's for certain!

Here is a compilation of news footage about the camp out and line up for tickets at my local theater.  -  I remember getting a call at work from a friend saying that people where lining up and we had to be there NOW!  I lied about having to go get my wife, and rushed out of work.  I made it in time to be 5th in line!

Good time, good times...  But why did I think the bucket hat was a good look?

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