About The Show


The Expanded Fandomverse is the first Star Wars podcast about YOU! Let me try to explain... 

There are already so many great Star Wars podcasts out there. There are shows about the movies, about the books, about the toys, collecting, games, news, reviews, speculation and so much more! (Don’t believe me? Take a look at THIS LIST!) 

 BUT, I have yet to find one ABOUT you and me; the everyday, run of the mill, regular guy on the street.  I wanted a show about the Star Wars fan who loves Star Wars, and loves to show that love in interesting and creative ways! 

Technology today has allowed almost anyone to become a creator.  People are taking their fandoms, and expressing themselves in new and amazing ways.  And best of all, today they are able to share their creativity with the world.  My goal with The Expanded Fandomverse podcast is to find people who are doing such things, and sit down and talk to them about their projects, and about Star Wars in general.

On the Expanded Fandomverse, we don't talk to people from Lucasfilm.  We don't talk to the author of the latest novel or comic, or interview cast members of Star Wars cartoons and video games.  No, we talk to regular people who create their own Star Wars, just for the fun of it!

 If you have a creative project related to Star Wars that you want to share with the world, and would like to be a part of The Expanded Fandomverse, all you need to do is let me know! Send an email to TheExpandedFandomverse@gmail.com . I'd like to hear your thoughts on Star Wars, what it means to you, how you express your love of the saga, and I'd like to share your story with the world.



Jason Collier was originally a guest on The Expanded Fandomverse.  The second guest during the Beta Period (see above) in fact!  Jason had previously been the guest on many other podcasts as well, but when Tim went fishing for a co-host, Jason knew that this was chance for him to step behind the microphone and be part of a show of his own.

Jason's claim to Star Wars fame is the fact that in 2005, he was named the winner of the title "The Ultimate Star Wars Fan" from Access Hollywood.  Jason was sent to San Francisco for the premier of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, where he was able to meet The Creator himself, George Lucas.

Jason is a massive Star Wars collector, whose basement was once a mini museum to all things Star Wars.  Over the years, Jason has attended many Star Wars and pop-culture/sci-fi conventions, where he has met many Star Wars celebrities.  Jason is also a member of the 501st (TK-1716, retired).  And outside of Star Wars, Jason is the biggest Auburn fan you'll ever meet. (War Eagle!)

Jason lives in Alabama with his wife Michelle, and their two beautiful daughters Reese & Wynn.
Jason Collier

Tim McMahon started The Expanded Fandomverse because he had heard all his friends Star Wars stories and opinions, and wanted to talk about the saga with new people.  Tim did 10 episodes (what we like to call the "Beta Period") just talking to random strangers he found online.  These first 10 episodes where for Tim's amusement and nothing more.

After the Beta Period, Tim decided to step it up a notch.  The show was fun, but it could be better! He had learned that conversations with people who were DOING something with their love of Star Wars were much more interesting.  He had also figured that just him, babbling alone, didn't make for such a great listening experience. So, Tim went out in search of a co-host.

Unfortunately, real life events have taken Tim away from the main show.  No, he's not dead, he's back hosting Less Than 12 Parsecs: The Fastest Star Wars Podcast in the Galaxy.

Tim lives in Maine with his lovely wife Katrina, their two very intelligent children Grace and Declan, and two dogs, Carly and Taco.  (Yes, Taco is a chihuahua, how did you guess?).
Tim McMahon

Derek Daniel is a Podcaster from Indianapolis. He hosts a podcast called Project Padawan: A Podcast for Beginners just learning about Star Wars or those of us who need a refreshers course. Tim reached out to Derek to appear on Less then 12 Parces, and then Derek had Jason on his show. Harmonious relationships formed and Derek was asked to become a full time member of the Expanded Fandomverse family and co-host and producer of the main show.
Derek Daniel

When Tim started this little show, Dan White was one of the first to respond to the idea.  Dan quickly went from an internet stranger, to an internet friend, and beyond.  Dan started out as a guest, then as a contributor with his classic "Chewing on the Power Cable" segments, and now is an official, full-time member of the team!

Though he is the youngest member of the show, ironically, Dan often plays the role of curmudgeonly old man.  While not a "hater", (Dan loves the Ewok movies like no one else!), he can sometimes come at things with a more critical eye, and we respect him for it.

Dan's other Star Wars pursuits include customizing action figures.  If Hasbro hasn't made the toy you want, Dan is your man!  Dan is so much more then a podcaster and Star Wars fan.  He is a musician and actor who resides in the largest city in the smallest state.  And ladies, Dan is single, so... ;-)

Dan White



Scum & Villainy is our "aftershow".  On The Expanded Fandomverse proper, we try to keep things tight; we know you're not here to listen to us babble.  We want to keep the focus on you, the Star Wars fan, through our conversations with our guests.  BUT....

Babbling can be so much fun!  (Fun to do, but maybe not so fun to listen to though!)  So, what we do is record these aftershows for our own amusement.  If you subscribe to the show via iTunes or Stitcher, don't worry, we don't stick these in our RSS feed.

Also, sometimes we use Scum & Villainy as a way to let our listeners tel us what you think.  If you have a strong opinion about something we or one of our guests said, and you want to let us know what you think, then send us an email with your point of view.  If we find it interesting and intriguing, we will happily invite you onto an episode of Scum & Villainy to tell the world what's on your mind!

With Scum & Villainy, we don't edit anything; not the audio nor ourselves!  So, we may cross the line into PG-13 territory, something we don't do on The Expanded Fandomverse.  So, consider yourself warned!



On The Expanded Fandomverse, when it comes to news and rumors about the new Star Wars films, we tend to stay away from spoilers.  Why?  Because Tim wants to go into the theaters as a blank slate.  During the prequel era, he chased every leak, read every bit of speculation, and absorbed as much as he could before the films came out.  And this time around, he wants to do the exact opposite.

However, Jason and Dan LOVE spoiler, rumors and the such.  And more then just hunting for such bits of information, they love talking about such bits of information.  The Expanded Spoilerverse is their semi-regular show where they sit down and discuss all that is yet to come.

So, if you're like Tim, and dont want to know a think about the new films, then stay away from The Expanded Spoilerverse.  But if your a fan who loves speculation, then by all means, this sit he show for you!

The Expanded Spoilerverse will return in December 2016!



The Expanded Comicverse was our monthly review show where we sat down and recap, review, and go into just a bit too much detail about all the new Star Wars comic books from Marvel Comics.  Once a month Tim was joined by Allen Voivod from SW7x7.com along with a guest to talk about the issues.

Unfortunately, The Expanded Comicverse only lasted 8 episodes. It was a victim of the dreaded enemy of time, as in not having enough time to do it. We hope one day to bring back the show. If any budding podcasters would like to tackle the show contact us at