Tuesday, August 15, 2017

EPISODE 065 - The Best of The Attack on the Thermal Oscillator of Starkiller Base Game

Ah yes, Summer!

That time of procrastination and sloth. All that basically means that we here at the Fandomverse have been laying around the pool more than doing podcasts.

Now that the sun has done "murder to meesa skin", it's time to get back in the groove.

But, before we do, here's a clip show of some of our funnest games we've played on our show.

Show Rundown 

Indiana Jim - "Can You Identify These Star Wars Sounds? -2:08

Adywan - "Disease or Star Wars Delicacy" -16:58

Ed Dolista - "Indiana Jones Temple of Doom Challenge" -24:52

Palette Swap Ninja "Star Wars Term, Beetle or Both" -43:00

Plea for help! -1:06:00