Saturday, March 7, 2015

EPISODE 025 - Ken Tarleton, Elvis Trooper

After a slight hiatus, Jason returns as the solo host this week (we skip the news and chit chat and go straight into our interview with Ken Tarleton, better known in Star Wars circles as the ELVIS TROOPER. Ken called into our hotline, so we apologize for the lesser quality of his audio, but it is still a great conversation. In the Trench run, we find out just how much Elivs trooper really knows about the original Elvis, and we get get to hear the Elvis trooper sing. We also have a special guest to talk to us about a special project.


Ken Tarleton - Elvis Trooper...01:37

Mind Probe... 49:09

Trench Run...01:18:56

Suprise Guest... 01:16:30

Closing... 01:23:02

Elvis Trooper Sings...01:24:52