Sunday, May 31, 2015

EPISODE 029 - Mattias Rendahl, author of A New Proof

This week, our guest is Mattias Rendahl, author of the new book, "A New Proof".  This book is about the history, and the collectability, of proofs.  What are proofs?   They are the preproduction trial runs of Kenner toy packaging.  Basically, test runs of card backs and boxes, that are then tweaked and polished before being sent to the printers.  This was an area of Star Wars history I was not familiar with, and a segment of collectables I didn't know people were into.  I learned some interesting hinges from Mattias, and I hope you did too!

In this episode, we also take an in depth look at the biggest news item of the week, the reveal of Andy Serkis's character in The Force Awakens, Supreme Leader Snoke.  (Or as Dan keeps calling him, Grand Admiral Snookie!)  We also debate whether or not he will be able to top his performance in 13 Going On 30!

Also, I apologize, we are still working through some technical issues (but then, when are we not!), and the audio quality for one of our voices (Tim's) does not match the rest.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through this mess.

Show Outline-
Intro - 00:42
News - 2:06
Interview - 18:16
Ending - 1:01:20

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A print interview with Mattias -

Monday, May 25, 2015

EPISODE 028 - A Super Sized Episode with Michael Murdock, viral filmmaker of The Binks Awakens, & Shane Turgeon, author of The Force In The Flesh

After a few weeks off, we are back.  -Remember when we used to be a weekly podcast?  We do too!  ---Blargh! :-/

This month brought some technical difficulties to show, which included a dying laptop for Tim, and the corruption of files for a show we recorded last week for Dan.  But, even with these troubles, we march on.  Do or do not, there is no try!

Because we have been gone for a few weeks, we have overcompensated with an double stuffed episode today.  That's right, today we have not one, but TWO great guests!

First up is Michael Murdock, the man who created the viral hit "Star Wars: The Binks Awakens".  This video is a re-iminagining of The Force Awakens trailer, but with a lot more Gungan!  We talk to Michael about all things Jar Jar, how he created the video, what it has been like to go viral, and we play a game we call "Jar Jar A Movie".

Our second guest is Shane Turgeon, the author of The Force In The Flesh, volumes I and II.  These art books explore the world of Star Wars body art with beautiful photographs and amazing stories.  We chat with Shawn about self publishing, the cross pollination of Star Wars and tattoos, and what it's like to work at a Star Wars Celebration.

Jason was away on assignment this week, so Dan and I mixed it up a little.  Instead of doing a rundown of this weeks news, we spend some time discussing the biggest news of last week, the release of the Star Wars themed Vanity Fair issue.

And that's pretty much it.  Thank you for your patience, and our apologies once again.

Show Outline-
Interview with Michael Murdock - 00:42
Jar Jar A Movie Game - 32:30
Vanity Fair Article Discussion - 39:54
Interview with Shane Turgeon - 58:55
Ending - 1:40:23

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Force In The Flesh -
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The Binks Awakens Deleted Scene -

Friday, May 8, 2015

EPISODE 027 - The Yavin 4, a Star Wars themed rock band

And we're back!  This time around we talk with the rock/punk band The Yavin 4.  These are four great guys from Indianapolis, Indiana who perform music inspired by our favorite fictional universe.  There music is legit too!  It's not parody, it's not jokey, it's great rock and roll that just happens to have lyrics around Star Wars characters and themes!

Their new album is called "Intergalactic Rock and Roll".  Please be sure to check out their links below so you can hear the album in it's entirety, and where to purchase a copy for yourself!

As for the rest of this episode, I, Tim, am flying solo!  (Han Solo!)  The three of us, Dan, Jason and myself, had a hard time synching our schedules, so instead of delaying this show any longer, (we have already been sitting on this interview over a week now) I just went ahead and did it myself!  I even did the news and everything!  But don't worry, I don't babble too much, so it wont hurt your ears TOO much.

Show Outline...
NEWS - 2:52
ENDING - 1:07:00

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