Wednesday, November 26, 2014

EPISODE 017 - Adywan, editor/producer of Star Wars Revisited

Our guest this week is someone we have wanted on the show since day one, and we couldn't be more excited to have him here this week!  This week we sat down to talk with Adywan, the editor, film (re)maker, producer of Star Wars Revisited.

What's Star Wars Revisited, you ask?  Well, if Harmy's DeSpecialized Editions took everything "special" out of the the Special Editions, Adywan's Star Wars Revisited keeps it all, and ADDS even more special features!  But, SW Revisited isn't just about adding special effects, it also makes minor tweaks that correct continuity issues, fixes logic problems and makes the films just a tad smarter.  Please do yourself a favor and go online and download Star Wars Revisited today!  (it is free after all!)

Adywan is a bit of a recluse, and has not done very many interviews over the years, so we were very lucky to talk to him.  We hope that we didn't scare him away with our fan boy like adulation!

Also in this weeks episode we take a look at rumors that are now news, we remind you that this is the last week to enter Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!), and Jason, the man of 1000 voices, breaks out his Mike Meyers imitation with an SNL classic!

Intro... 00:25
News... 5:35
Etsy Item Of The Week... 16:39
Interview... 19:32
Mind Probe... 1:33:44
Trench Run... 1:43:35
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:54:10
Ending... 1:56:21

Do you pronounce it GIF or JIFF?
More Trailer Rumors! 
Update: Confirmed Trailer News! 
David Prowes is back!
Spin Off Rumors
Roxy The Rancor 
How To Clean Your Basement, Star Wars Style
Star Wars in Scotland?

Etsy Item of the Week-
R2-D2 Mini Crayons - Set of 8

Adywans Links… 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

EPISODE 016 - David Everett, founder of the R2-D2 Builders Club

This week we welcome Mr. David Everett to the show.  Dave is the founder of the R2-D2 Builders Club.  If you've ever seen an R2 unit in person, then more than likely the builder of that droid is a member of this group.  We talk to Dave about the origin of the club, just what goes into building your own droid, his time on the set of Episode II, and the clubs connection to The Force Awakens.

We do have to apologize though, our Skype connection with Dave was not the best.  We've done what we can to remove the hiss and static from the conversation, but unfortunately, there are a few times were the volume on Dave's end of the discuss drops out.  The conversation is worth a listen though, and we are happy to share it, but we just wanted to warn you in advance.

In this weeks show we also discuss the latest rumors about the upcoming trailer (no spoilers though!), we wonder what we would do if we found bits of Episode VII just laying in the street, and Jason DOUBLES the prize package for this months Jason's Jawa Giveaway!  (Utini!)

Show Outline...
Intro... 00:25
News... 5:35
Etsy Item Of The Week... 18:09
Interview... 20:18
Mind Probe... 1:11:37
Trench Run... 1:20:35
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:26:00
Ending... 1:29:29

Trailer Rumors
Squashed Canisters
Billie Lourd Rumors
Star Wars Celebration Artwork
George Lucas Gets Sued
A New Hope Set Photos
Colin Cantwell Artwork
Disney Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend
Artoo in the Lego Movie

Etsy Item Of The Week…
Star Wars Minimalist Posters

Dave's Links...
R2-D2 Builders Club
The Sydney Robot Workshop
K9 Builders Club

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

EPISODE 015 - Harmy, editor of The Despecialized Edition

This week we welcome to the show a guest Jason and I were very excited to get.  He is a man who, online, is surrounded by a bit of myth and mystery.  He is a man who only needs one name... HARMY!

If you don't know that name, Harmy is the force behind Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition.  What is Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition you ask?  Well, it is a fan edit, that...  no... it is a fan restoration of the Star Wars films.  Harmy has tried to recreate the original trilogy, to recut the films to be as close to the original edits as is possible, and to release them in a high definition format.  In a way, he has taken everything "special" out of the special editions, to give us the films we remember from our childhoods.

We talked to Harmy about how he does it, why he does it, and his thoughts on copy right and piracy.  Plus, Jason tests his Star Wars trivia knowledge.

In this weeks episode we touch on last weeks big news (did someone order a Star Wars movie title?) and we kickoff a Christmas themed Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!).  To win a Darth Vader themed Christmas stocking, all you need to do is tell us what you think about the new Star Wars tittle, The Force Awakens.  Send us an email (, post on our Facebook page, leave a comment below, or leave us a voice mail (205-383-3663).  You have until November 30th to enter!

Show Outline...
Intro... 00:25
News... 4:31
Etsy Item Of The Week... 15:12
Interview... 17:01
Mind Probe... 1:10:44
Trench Run... 1:21:00
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:36:56
Ending... 1:38:48

More Benedict Cumberbatch Rumors - (Warning, this link has potential spoilers!) 
Jaxxon's Return!
The Force Awakens from 2006...

Harmy's Links...
A video about his work...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EPISODE 014 - Mark Newbold, from JediNews & Radio 1138

It was a big week for The Expanded Fandomverse!  Our show was added to, and then Nick Diak immortalized Jason and I as part of his SketchWars project.  But maybe the funnest thing I did this week was sit down and talk with our guest, Mark Newbold!

Mark is one of the forces behind one of my favorite Star Wars sites, and quite possibly the best site for Star Wars news, JediNews.  Mark is also cohost of the Radio 1138 podcast, he writes for The Star Wars Insider Magazine, and occasionally blogs for  During the course of our conversation, I inquired how Mark got where he is today within Star Wars fandom, Mark and I bonded over our love of the old Star Wars Weekly Magazine, and I quizzed him on the Star Wars links to British television.

On this weeks show we also announce the winner of the latest Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!).  Congratulations to Mr. Phil Souless, the winner of our Rebels themed gift pack from this years San Diego Comic-Con.  Have a listen to hear  Phil's Rebels Review!

We also speed through the weeks news like we always do, we bring back the Star Wars Etsy item of the week (made by fans, for fans!), and Jason makes a bold prediction about the end of the year.

Show Outline...
Intro - 00:25
News - 7:52
Etsy Item of the Week - 19:30
Interview - 21:04
Mind Probe - 1:11:38
Trench Run - 1:21:18
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 1:28:56
Ending - 1:31:20

It's A Wrap!
Rebels Toys Postponed? 
Tweet of the Week 
What's In A Name?
Scott Loxley's Epic Walkabout
Star Wars Dad of the Year 
Did Nostradamus Predict Star Wars?
Star Wars Musical Comedy

Etsy Star Wars Item of the Week…
Boys Star Wars Toilet Target by LilMrsCrafty

Mark's Links…
Radio 1138
Star Wars Insider

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Our guest on Episode 006 was "Lumberjack" Nick Diak.  Nick is an artist who posts a sketch a day of a Star Wars character as a way of counting down until the release of Star Wars: Episode VII.  Check out his site, SketchWars.  Well, today, Jason and I were the "characters of the day!".  Take a look!

Nick is not just an artist, he is putting his fandom to good use to help make the world a better place.  He is using his sketches to raise awareness and money for You can learn more at his site

Thank you very much Nick for your great sketch, and for including the two of us in your project!


We got some great news today! Big news! Happy, exciting, super-awesome news!

The Expanded Fandomverse Podcast is now listed on the Community page of!

Visit, scroll down to Podcasts, and there we are!

To Jason and I, it feels like we've hit the big time. This feels really great!

Thank you to everyone who has listened to us through the early days, and hello to all our new listeners who are now just discovering us via