Wednesday, November 12, 2014

EPISODE 015 - Harmy, editor of The Despecialized Edition

This week we welcome to the show a guest Jason and I were very excited to get.  He is a man who, online, is surrounded by a bit of myth and mystery.  He is a man who only needs one name... HARMY!

If you don't know that name, Harmy is the force behind Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition.  What is Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition you ask?  Well, it is a fan edit, that...  no... it is a fan restoration of the Star Wars films.  Harmy has tried to recreate the original trilogy, to recut the films to be as close to the original edits as is possible, and to release them in a high definition format.  In a way, he has taken everything "special" out of the special editions, to give us the films we remember from our childhoods.

We talked to Harmy about how he does it, why he does it, and his thoughts on copy right and piracy.  Plus, Jason tests his Star Wars trivia knowledge.

In this weeks episode we touch on last weeks big news (did someone order a Star Wars movie title?) and we kickoff a Christmas themed Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!).  To win a Darth Vader themed Christmas stocking, all you need to do is tell us what you think about the new Star Wars tittle, The Force Awakens.  Send us an email (, post on our Facebook page, leave a comment below, or leave us a voice mail (205-383-3663).  You have until November 30th to enter!

Show Outline...
Intro... 00:25
News... 4:31
Etsy Item Of The Week... 15:12
Interview... 17:01
Mind Probe... 1:10:44
Trench Run... 1:21:00
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:36:56
Ending... 1:38:48

More Benedict Cumberbatch Rumors - (Warning, this link has potential spoilers!) 
Jaxxon's Return!
The Force Awakens from 2006...

Harmy's Links...
A video about his work...

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