Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Expanded Fandomverse Network

Hey everyone!  Big changes at The Expanded Fandomverse!

As you probably noticed when you visited TheExpandedFandomverse.com, you saw that the page is now dedicated to The Expanded Fandomverse Network, with links to a separate page for each show!  (It's a work in progress, please don't mind the mess!)

Also, we've decided to separate TEF and Less Than 12 Parsecs show into separate feeds.  Please follow the link on TheExpandedFandomverse.com to reach the LT12P page (or go directly to TwelveParsecsPodcast.com) and then follow the "Where To Find Us" links to subscribe to the LT12P  on iTunes, Sticher and elsewhere!

The new Less Than 12 Parsecs episodes will no longer be posted here, but on their on page instead, but since I'm here anyway... Today is the 25th episode of Less Than 12 Parsecs!   Today I start a new segment called "Tim Recommends",  which is exactly what it sounds like.  Please take three minutes to check out the fastest Star Wars podcast in the galaxy!  Head to TwelveParsecsPodcast.com.  Thank you!

Friday, October 14, 2016


Jason is joined by show founder Tim McMahon for a break down the Final Rogue One Trailer! Call and leave us your opinion of the Trailer at 205-383-3663 or email us at theexpandedfandomverse@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

EPISODE 055 - Derek Daniel & Project Padawan

We'd like to introduce new co-host Derek Daniel to the show.

Derek will be pulling double duty as he has another podcast called Project Padawan that we will be discussing today.

Project Padawan helps the novice or new Star Wars fan learn a little more about that Galaxy Far Far Away.

Derek will be initiated with the mind probe and a very difficult, but fun, Trench Run.

Show Rundown

Interview with Derek Daniel - 00:50

Mind Probe - 14:32

Trench Run - 27:54

I like Big Buns - 50:15