Saturday, December 24, 2016


Jason is joined by his daughter Reese for a Holiday Special (better than the Star Wars one) where we talk Rogue One (with Spoilers) and listen to our fans who called in and gave us their reviews on the new film. We hear from The Star Wars Guru, Tom Berges from , Josh Blake from, Fandomverse co-host Derek Daniel, Collector's Care founder David Bledsoe and more.

Plus we hear initial audience reaction recorded from the theater right after the 1st showing.

We listen to Star Wars Christmas songs, wrap presents, and make fun of Wookiees.

Grab a glass of Blue Milk Egg Nog and enjoy!

It's not too late to leave a review, call and leave a review at 205-383-3663, and we'll use it on the next show! All callers are entered to win a prize of The Force Awakens dvd and digital copies.

Monday, December 19, 2016

BONUS SHOW: Rogue One Review Show

Filled with spoilers and deep thought, Jason and Tim dive deep into Rogue One. We talk characters, plot, easter eggs, re-shoots and more.

Don't forget to leave you review of the film. Email us at or call our hotline and leave a message at 205-383-3663.

Sorry for the poor quality of Jason's audio. Imperial Jamming didn't want us to get this info out!