Tuesday, November 4, 2014

EPISODE 014 - Mark Newbold, from JediNews & Radio 1138

It was a big week for The Expanded Fandomverse!  Our show was added to StarWars.com, and then Nick Diak immortalized Jason and I as part of his SketchWars project.  But maybe the funnest thing I did this week was sit down and talk with our guest, Mark Newbold!

Mark is one of the forces behind one of my favorite Star Wars sites, and quite possibly the best site for Star Wars news, JediNews.  Mark is also cohost of the Radio 1138 podcast, he writes for The Star Wars Insider Magazine, and occasionally blogs for StarWars.com.  During the course of our conversation, I inquired how Mark got where he is today within Star Wars fandom, Mark and I bonded over our love of the old Star Wars Weekly Magazine, and I quizzed him on the Star Wars links to British television.

On this weeks show we also announce the winner of the latest Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!).  Congratulations to Mr. Phil Souless, the winner of our Rebels themed gift pack from this years San Diego Comic-Con.  Have a listen to hear  Phil's Rebels Review!

We also speed through the weeks news like we always do, we bring back the Star Wars Etsy item of the week (made by fans, for fans!), and Jason makes a bold prediction about the end of the year.

Show Outline...
Intro - 00:25
News - 7:52
Etsy Item of the Week - 19:30
Interview - 21:04
Mind Probe - 1:11:38
Trench Run - 1:21:18
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 1:28:56
Ending - 1:31:20

It's A Wrap!
Rebels Toys Postponed? 
Tweet of the Week 
What's In A Name?
Scott Loxley's Epic Walkabout
Star Wars Dad of the Year 
Did Nostradamus Predict Star Wars?
Star Wars Musical Comedy

Etsy Star Wars Item of the Week…
Boys Star Wars Toilet Target by LilMrsCrafty

Mark's Links…
Radio 1138
Star Wars Insider

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