Friday, May 8, 2015

EPISODE 027 - The Yavin 4, a Star Wars themed rock band

And we're back!  This time around we talk with the rock/punk band The Yavin 4.  These are four great guys from Indianapolis, Indiana who perform music inspired by our favorite fictional universe.  There music is legit too!  It's not parody, it's not jokey, it's great rock and roll that just happens to have lyrics around Star Wars characters and themes!

Their new album is called "Intergalactic Rock and Roll".  Please be sure to check out their links below so you can hear the album in it's entirety, and where to purchase a copy for yourself!

As for the rest of this episode, I, Tim, am flying solo!  (Han Solo!)  The three of us, Dan, Jason and myself, had a hard time synching our schedules, so instead of delaying this show any longer, (we have already been sitting on this interview over a week now) I just went ahead and did it myself!  I even did the news and everything!  But don't worry, I don't babble too much, so it wont hurt your ears TOO much.

Show Outline...
NEWS - 2:52
ENDING - 1:07:00

Links for The Yavin 4...
Facebook -
Bandcamp -
Twitter -
YouTube -

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