Sunday, March 30, 2014


So, I've "rebooted" this site today.  For a couple reasons...

Technically, the old layout was causing me problems with iTunes (I think... I could be wrong.  I probably am wrong.  The point is, I'm still struggling to get the show in iTunes.)  For some reason I can't figure out, iTunes reads the title of the show as "Episodes", not at The Expanded Fandomverse.  I think it may be because the show was on a page called "Episodes", but, I really dont know.  (That said, "Episodes" would make a great title for a Star Wars podcast!)

Also, the old layout wasn't giving me everything I want.  I've switched to Blogger, which isn't pretty, but it gives me all the things I want on the page.

Plus, Blogger is free (Thank You Google!).  My old hosting service had a small fee.  It was small, but it was still a fee, so...  A penny saved is a penny earned.

And finally, it gave me something to do today with The Expanded Fandomverse.  My plan for today was to post my interview with Mr. Joe Curcio.  Our conversation was the second one I recorded, and was the second one I had technical issues with.  Joe's part of the conversation came out fine, but I could barely be heard, if at all.  My original plan was to just rerecord my half and edit it all together, but that project died a painful death as I tried to put it all together.

Thankfully, Joe has offered to rerecord his episode with me.  So, this week, there wont be a new episode as planned, but as soon as we do, I'll get it up on the site.

Anyway, thanks for visiting, thanks for your patience, and please keep checking back!

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