Monday, July 7, 2014


So, after a few weeks away, the new and improved Expanded Fandomverse is just about ready to make it's triumphant return!

Many of the ideas I mentioned before are coming to fruition.  Most importantly, I have found a co-host to join me as I talk with some amazing Star Wars fans who are doing some very interesting things with their love of that galaxy far, far away...

So, if you will, please join me in welcoming JASON COLLIER to the show!

Or maybe, I should say "Welcome Back to the show Jason!".  If you'll remember, Jason was my guest on the second episode of The Expanded Fandomverse.  Jason earned the title of The Ultimate Star Wars Fan in 2005, he is an avid Star Wars collector, a fellow member of the 501st, and a bit of a local celebrity in his hometown.  Go back and have a listen to our conversation back in March.

Jason and I have yet to record our first episode together as co-hosts, but I can tell you, the man has brought a great deal to the show!  I could list for you some of his great ideas, but I don't want to ruin the surprises to come!

Anyway, keep checking back, for we hope to be up and running soon.  Very soon.  Thanks for you patience.  I promise you, it will be well worth the wait!


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