Thursday, February 5, 2015

EPISODE 024 - Cory & Carrie Shield, and their STAR WARS wedding

Star Wars themed Wedding pictures of Cory & Carrie Shields recently became a viral sensation. Not only are the couple madly in love with each other, but also with that Galaxy Far Far Away. We talk about all things from Carrie's love for Boba Fett to Cory's great Star Wars impressions. We also have a fun and memorable trench run gametime with our guests. Jason and Dan go on a Star Wars rant, read some news and have a new Etsy item of the week. All this and a catchy Ewok song if you listen to the end!


Star Wars Rant...01:23


Etsy Item...19:30

Interview with Cory and Carrie Shields...20:51

Mind Probe...54:01

Trench Run...01:12:59


EWOKS SONG...01:35:48

Etsy Item:

Cory & Carrie Shields:

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