Friday, April 1, 2016

The Expanded INDYVERSE

Legend has it that every April 1st an ancient power takes over the Expanded Fandomverse changing it's format to something of legend. If Adventure has a name, it must be the Expanded Indyverse! Jason is joined by Fandomverse guest host Kris Meyer, with whip and hat in toe, to decipher the American legend Indiana Jones. We talk movies, collectibles and INDY 5! Then Jason is joined by IndyCast host Ed Dolista for Irina Spalko's Crystal Skull mind probe and then Ed takes on the Temple of Doom Challenge! What else,..well, you'll have to download and find out, after all, we're just making this up as we go!

02:32 INDY 5 talk

07:25 Jason and Kris's Indy Fandom

19:49 Ed Dolista Interview

39:16  Irina Spalko's Crystal Skull Mind Probe

57:05 Temple of Doom Challenge

1:17:04 Special Indiana Jones Musical Selection


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