Monday, August 22, 2016

EPISODE 053 - Best of The Trench Run

After taking a lot of the Summer off we decided to ease back into working on the show by putting together a clip show. One of the best aspects of the show is when we play games with our guests. We call it THE TRENCH RUN! Now we'll look back on some of our favorite trench run trivia contests and games and debut a brand new one that has never been available for download. Tom Berges, Erin Neidigh, and Scott Ryfun and several other guests turn off their targeting computers and attempt to use the Force to blow up the Trivia Death Star!

02:13 Tom Bergess

25:30 - Erin Neidigh

42:07 -  Cory and Carrie Shields

01:00:15 - Scott Ryfun

01:25:17 - Kobayashi Maru No-Win Senario with Joshua Hoh

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