Sunday, November 13, 2016

EPISODE 057 - Star Wars Micro Collection with Gus Lopez & Josh Blake

Back in the 80's Star Wars toys were all the fad. They sold well and were a staple for many little boy's birthday and Christmas gifts. Not all the toys were a hit with kids. The Star Wars Micro Collection failed to capture the hearts of kids and quickly were clearanced and went away. Fast forward  over 30 years and vintage toys including the micro collection are experiencing a comeback with the kids of yesteryear who are now grown up collectors.
In this Episode we'll talk to renown collectors Josh Blake and Gus Lopez about the Micro Collection and the Facebook group that is THE go-to place for Micro Collection fans.
We'll also put on out creative thinking caps and come up with our own take what a modern Micro Collection line would look like.

Show Rundown

Show Open with Jason Collier & Derek Daniel - 1:25

Interview with Gus Lopez and Josh Blake - 10:43

Mind Probe - 48:42

Trench Run -  Create Your Own Micro Collection World- 1:09:14

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