Thursday, May 4, 2017

EPISODE 060 - Nathan P. Butler and the STAR WARS Timeline Gold

If you ever wanted to know when something happened in the Star Wars timeline, then Nathan P. Butler is your man. For almost 20 years now, he's been notating all the important and the mundane. If it happened in canon he could tell you when. But, when a disturbance in the force, called the Disney takeover, happened what was to be come of the Timeline. Nathan tells us,  shares his love for the Timeline and uses his knowledge of all things Star Wars to tackle a trench run like no other.

Show Rundown

Intro- :23

Nathan P Butler Interview  -3:30
Mind Probe - 49:06
Attack on the Thermal Oscillator of Starkiller Base Game  -
Timeline Random Weird Trivia - 54:05

Nathan on the Web:

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