Friday, May 26, 2017

EPISODE 062 - Philip Reed - A Galaxy of Action Figure Savings

Remember opening up that toy store ad in the local newspaper and seeing that they had the newest Star Wars toys and that the figures were on sale for a mere $1.99. Philip Reed takes us back to those days with his newest book: A Galaxy of Action Figure Savings. 

We talk with Philip about his love for Star Wars toys and putting together these toy time capsules that capture a moment in history in the marketing and advertising of everyone's favorite vintage toy line.

Philip has tons of Star Wars knowledge, but is he worthy of our game: Who wants to be a Grand Jedi Master? Listen and find out!

Show Rundown

Philip Reed Interview  -00:45

Mind Probe - 28:54

Who wants to be a Grand Jedi Master Game  -  33:17


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