Sunday, March 30, 2014


(note: I am updating the site today, but I wasn't able to import my old posts, so I have to repost them. This was originally posted on February 27th, 2014)

I'm having technical problems.

So, I've recorded two episodes.  All seemed okay at the time I was recording the interviews.  But... when I sat down to do some post production, I ran into some "issues".

With the first episode, the recording of my guest, Mr. Dan White, came out very echoy.  (is that a word?)  It's almost unlistenable.  (is that a word as well?)  Almost.  You can understand him, but it's annoying.  I don't imagine that anyone would want to listen to the recording unless they really had to do so. - The most annoying part is that Dan sounded fine when we were having our conversation.  Ugh!

I discovered the problem after the interview, and so I made some tweaks to my software.  So, that brings me to my second interview, with Mr. Joe Curico.  Once again, everything sounded great while we were recording, but...  When I listened to the conversation afterward, you can barely hear my end of things.  Joe is there, clear as a bell, but I am just a whisper in the background.

On the bright side, I can probably save this one and just rerecord my questions and interjections, and then edit it all together.  It wont feel "honest" to me, but it can be fixed. Well, tomorrow, I have a third try.  Mr. Jesus Perez is going to sit down with me tomorrow for an interview.  Fingers crossed I can figure this out by then.  If not...

Anyone know an audio-podcasting-technical-genius-Jedi who can save me from myself?  My problem is that I know what can be done, I just can't always figure out how to do it.

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