Tuesday, June 3, 2014

EPISODE TEN - Timothy Moore & Daniel Wilcox, hardcore Expanded Universe fans

I always think of Star Wars as the movies, first and foremost.  All the other stories, be they told through novels, kids books, comics or video games, to me they are just frosting on the cake.  But, there are some Star Wars fans who came to love that galaxy far, far away through these other stories.  To them, the films are just one piece in a much bigger tapestry.

When Lucasfilm recently declared that the Expanded Universe is not canon, so that the new film makers wouldn’t have their hands tied by the EU stories that have come before, well, this upset a lot of hard core Expanded Universe fans.  This weeks episode is a conversation with Timothy Moore and Daniel Wilcox, two guys who are fighting the good fight to help save the Expanded Universe.  They have set up a Facebook page called “The Alliance to Preserve the Expanded Universe”, and are now taking other steps to hopefully bring about meaningful change.  Even though I am a fan of the EU, I can’t say I agree with them 100%, but I love their passion for this cause.  So please, sit back and listen to what they had to say!

Also, Dan White is back this week to chew on the power cables.  Welcome back Dan!

And on a more personal note, this is the tenth episode.  When I started this project, I told myself that my first ten episodes would be my beta period.  Well, maybe it’s more like my alpha period.  Thanks for sticking around for this first batch of episodes.  I have some new ideas that I hope will improve the quality of the show, and starting next week, you will start to notice some subtle changes.  Please, let me know what you think!  And as always, thanks for listening!


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