Tuesday, August 19, 2014

EPISODE 003 - Chad Barbry, Wookieepedia co-founder

This week we welcome Chad Barbry, one of the co-creators of Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.  Chad tells us all about how he and Steve Greenwood started out on Wikipedia, what lead to the decision to create a Star Wars themed wiki, and just how it was done.

This week, we are also happy to announce the winner of our first Jason's Jawa Giveaway! (Utinni!)  Congratulations go to Chris Franck!  Chris will be taking home the Star Wars Celebration III exclusive talking Darth Vader action figure.

In this episode Jason and I talk about the return of bootlegging friends in the far east, we discuss the Star Wars themed events in our lives the past week, and we get long winded about this weeks news. Plus, we end the show with another visit from our good friend, Mr. Dan White, who will chew the power cables as he tell us his opinion about the link between childhood and Star Wars.

Show Timeline...
Intro - 0:00:25
News - 0:16:17
Interview - 0:47:55
Five Question Bonus Round - 1:26:03
Guest Game Time - 1:40:00
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 1:53:37
Chewing the Power Cables with Dan White - 1:56:00
Ending - 2:02:11

Links to the news...
Interior Millenium Falcon photos - HERE & HERE
Possible new Stormtrooper & Snowtrooper helmets
Omaze Episode VII Winner
Original cut of Original Trilogy coming to Bly-Ray
Or maybe not

Links to Chad Barbry...
And, find him on the Jedi Covenant serve of The Old Republic MMO game, as Albus Puer.

Video of Tim's opening pitch

Video of the Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utinni!) drawing of the winner

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