Tuesday, September 2, 2014

EPISODE 005 - Haley Skywalker, YouTubing Star Wars Teen

With Jason's recent fortieth birthday, we are now both officially old men.  We have both been Star Wars fans for over three decades now.  We don't really remember a time before Star Wars.  So, we decided to seek out a new fan, a younger fan, to find out what the kids today think about that galaxy far, far away.

And where do the younglings these days go to express themselves?  To YouTube!  This is where Jason found this weeks guest, Haley Skipper, aka HaleySkywalker2.  Haley is a young lady who loves to post about her love of Star Wars, has started a podcast of her own, and is active on the fan site TheForcebook.

This week, we also have a reminder about the second of Jason's Jawa Giveaways (Utinni!).  To win the plush Darth Goofy toy from Disney World, all you need to do is go to our iTunes page and leave a positive review.  If you post a few sentence about our show on iTunes, we will put your name in the old Stormtrooper bucket.  Then, we will pull one lucky name from the helmet as our winner.  Hurry though, time is ticking.  You have until September 6th at midnight.

Also this week, Mr. Dan White is back with "Chewing the Power Cables with Dan White".  This time around, Dan tells us a what he thinks about life and death as it relates to Star Wars fandom.

And finally, this week we try something new!  When recording the show, Jason and I have found it is sooooo easy to just start babbling on and on about Star Wars.  It's fun to do, but isn't necessarily the best thing for the show.  So, we are starting an after show where we can allow ourselves to babble about Star Wars.  We are calling it "Scum & Villainy: The Expanded Fandomverse After Show".  Its just an hour of us, along with Dan White, sitting back, relaxing, and riffing on whatever SW subject crosses our minds. 

Please be aware, that while we try very hard to keep The Expanded Fandomverse rated PG, on the after show, the gloves come off, and no topic is off the table.  So, if your sensitive to certain topics and adult words, please consider yourself warned!

(Please note, that the Scum & Villany after show will not be placed in our RSS feed, it is not actually attached to the regular show, and it is not truly after the show.  It can only be found on our website.  Thank you.)

And finally, an apology...  When we record the show, I use and external microphone that is plugged into my computer.  This microphone has an on/off switch.  Well, guess what I forgot to turn on this week?  Yup!  Luckily, the internal mic on my computer picked up my voice for the recording.  So, the audio quality is a little week this week, but please rest assured, I have learned my lesson, and the mic will be back on again next week!  Thanks for your patience.

Show Outline...
Intro - 00:29
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 13:39
News - 16:02
Interview - 27:27
The Mind Probe - 58:15
The Trench Run - 1:12:17
Chewing The Power Cables with Dan White - 1:26:20
Ending - 1:31:18


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