Friday, October 24, 2014


Hey everyone, just a reminder that you have another week to participate in the latest round of Jason's Jawa Giveaway! (Utini!)

This time around, we are giving away some REBELS goodies.  These items were exclusives from this years San Diego Comic-Con.  We have for you a poster and a set of pins from the Hasbro booth.

Poster front

Poster back

Pin set

Now, not only have we extended the giveaway, we have made it it easier to enter!  We really want to fill the old Stormtrooper helmet with names this time around!

To enter our drawing, you can do so in any many of ways!  You can...

Call and leave us a voice mail at 205-383-3663
Leave a comment on our Facebook page at
Or, leave a comment below!

Just tell us what you think about Rebels, or why you want to win these goodies, or what you think about our show, or anything at all!  Just about anything will get your name in the hat for the next drawing.  - You have until midnight, November 1st to enter!


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