Wednesday, October 29, 2014

EPISODE 013 - The Auralnauts, comedic musical film makers

We have a lot of fun doing this show and talking to new people.  But sometimes, we REALLY have fun when we chat without guests!  It will feel less like an interview, and more like it's just a conversation with old friends, even though we've just met these people.  That's the power of Star Wars fandom.

Our show this week is with Zak and Craven from The Auralnauts, and man-oh-man, did we have a good time talking with these guys!  So much so, that we went a little long.  But, we think it's worth the listen because it's it was a lot of laughs.

The Auralnauts are like graffiti artists, defacing other peoples work with their own dialog, music and editing skills, rather then paint.  The Auralnauts' video "Star Wars Minus Williams" went viral last month, and garnered over 2.5 million YouTube hits in just that time.  But this isn't their only work in the Star Wars Universe.

We sit down to talk the guys about their own Star Wars fandom, the way they work, and what's next for them.  We also subject them to the Mind Probe, and during the Trench Run, we ask them to rewrite some other Star Wars themed videos from YouTube to see if they can can make them funnier!

Because our conversation with Zak and Craven ran long, we kept the rest of the show brief.  We still try to rush through the weeks news and give you one last reminder about this months Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!), but that's about it.  We hope you enjoy the show none the less.

Show Outline...
Intro - 00:25
News - 5:44
Interview - 22:04
Mind Probe - 1:24:44
Trench Run - 1:39:44
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 1:54:19
Ending - 1:57:06

John Williams Rumor
Ewan McGregor Talks About "Fans"
Stand Alone Movie News!
Drew Struzan
Real Life Blaster Bolts
Darth Vader Runs For Election
Another Episode VII Celebrity Set Visit
X-Wing & TIE Fighter Return!
Viral Videos Of The Week -

The Auralnauts' Links...

And because Jason hasn't seen it yet, here is the Darth Vader scene from Rebels.  (I doubt this will last very long on YouTube, so watch now!)

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