Wednesday, December 17, 2014

EPISODE 020 - David Bledsoe, from Collectors Care

With the holiday season upon us, we’re doing something just a little bit different this week.  Our guest is David Bledsoe, a Star Wars fan who has started Collectors Care, a non-profit organization that collects toys for sick and disadvantages kids all year long, not just at this time of year.  Collectors Care doesn’t just collect Star Wars toys, but ya know what, since it is the season for giving, we thought we would break form for one week.  It is all for a great cause, so we felt that it was worth it!

Jason went to Denver, Colorado this week to speak with David in person.  They discuss the strong connection that Star Wars fans have with their toys, just how special such toys are to children, and how you can help get a new toy into the hands of a needy child.  They discuss the work Collectors Care does with the fan community, their appearances at conventions and the help that Collectors Care has received from some of your favorite celebrities.

This week we also answer a letter from a listener who had so much to say about the prequels, that we invited him on the show!  We briefly talk with film critic Joshua Starnes, and then talk to him even more on an episode of Scum & Villainy: The Expanded Fandomverse Aftershow.  What he has to say about the Prequels may make you rethink some of the accepted “truths” you hold about these films.

PLEASE NOTE- The Full Scum & Villainy Episode Will Be Posted Tomorrow, December 18th.

And as always, we discuss the news of the week (Character names! Poster rumors! Frank Oz returns!), and update you on the latest round of Jason’s Jawa Giveaway! (Utini!)  We’ve had some great Star Wars impressions sent to us, but we’re going to open up the contest a little further.  To enter, you can call us with our best (or worst) Star Wars impression, OR, you can post your favorite line from Star Wars below!  That simple!  Go ahead and do that and you will get your name in the running for our latest giveaway!

Show Outline...
Intro... 00:25
News... 7:30
Etsy Item Of The Week... 2:18
Interview with David Bledsoe… 24:29
Mind Probe... 54:38
Letters/Discussion with Joshau Starnes... 1:10:10
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:26:40
Ending... 1:30:41

Names! -
It’s Real! -
Star Wars Theme Park News -
Star Wars #1 Covers -
Teaser Poster Rumor -
Rebels Season 2 Premier -
Frank Oz Returns as Yoda! -

David’s Links
Collectors Care Website -
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