Monday, June 8, 2015

EPISODE 030 - Michael Corley, from The Vox Box Star Wars Comic Book Podcast

We here at The Expanded Fandomverse Podcast love not just producing Star Wars themed podcasts, but also listening to Star Wars themed podcasts!  We recently stumbled upon the new show, The Vox Box Star Wars Comic Book Podcast, and instantly fell in love with it!  So much so, they we knew we had to have it's creator, Michael Corley, on the show right away!

Michael joins us this week to talk about not just his show, by his work as a storyteller, a voice actor, a magician and his background in radio.  We then bring The Trench Run out of retirement and quiz Michael all about the classic Star Wars comics from Marvel Comics published in the 1970's and 80's.

This week we also chat about some recent Star Wars news, and just a warning, we get a little more into spoiler territory then we normally do.  Nothing major.  Nothing about the storyline of The Force Awakens, just  a few tidbits from the newest Star Wars comics (which are part of the canon now, and MAY later affect the films), and we discuss an image from Mexico that is making the rounds.  And finally, Jason and Tim compare stories about their time inside the plastic pants of a Stormtrooper costume, and some recent adventures they've had both had as TKs.

Show Outline…
Intro - 00:42
News - 3:19
Interview - 18:12
Trench Run - 49:14
Ending - 59:33

Michael's Links...
The Vox Box Star Wars Comic Book Podcast -

Tim's Weird Al Adventure...
I'm the trooper on Darth Vader's direct left (screen right). The one Al puts his arm around when he sings "We all fought in that epic war"

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