Monday, August 31, 2015

EPISODE 037 - Scott Ryfun from My Star Wars Story

Our guest this week is a man with a podcast all about YOU, the Star Wars fan!  Hey, wait, that's our niche!  ---Well, we did come first!  ;-)

In this episode we talk to Mr. Scott Ryfun, host of "My Star Wars Story".  The specifics of his show are not quiet the same as ours; where we talk to cool Star Wars fans doing creative projects based on their love of that galaxy far, far away, Scott is going about collecting an oral history of Star Wars fandom, by asking Star Wars fans to tell him the stories of their Star Wars love from the very beginning.

We chat to Scott about his multiple podcasts, about how this compares to his work in radio, about the future podcast he and Jason are building, and about his book collection!

Our talk with Scott was so fun, that we ran a little long.  If you want to hear how Scott did on the Trench Run, you'll have to come back to our website tomorrow for that bonus content!

Also this week, we give you your last reminder about the #Fandomverse giveaway.  The contest ends this week, on Force Friday!

Intro - 00:41
Interview - 2:47
Mind Probe - 53:43
Ending - 1:19:57

Scotts Links…
My Star Wars Story -
Twitter -
Facebook -
Dinner 4 Geeks -

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