Monday, November 9, 2015

EPISODE 042 - Star Wars Expose' EXPOSED

There has been an awakening in the Star Wars podcast universe.
Star Wars Expose' is the hip new podcast with a sound all its own. This week Jason with Guest Host Erin Neidigh (Author of 5,100 Question Mega-Ultimate STAR WARS Quiz Book), interview Jeremy Jmiah Williamson, the host/producer/editor of Star Wars Expose'. Jmiah survives the mind probe and takes on a new game, "Who Want's to Be a Jedi Grand Master".
We catch up on Erin's trivia book and game as well as chat about the Force Awakens trailer too.
We continue Jason's Jawa Giveway where we are giving away the Rebels Visual Guide Epic Battles Book.
All this and a fun surprise easter egg at the end of the show.

Intro- 1:00

Trailer Talk - 2:42

Jmiah Interview - 7:36

Mind Probe - 28:24

Who Wants to be A Grand Jedi Master? - 38:35

Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 54:31

Closing - 56:05

Easter Egg - 58:25


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