Saturday, January 30, 2016

EPISODE 046 - Do You Want To Build A Falcon? The Full Scale Falcon Project!

Daniel Valdez & Greg Dietrich are members of a very special STAR WARS fan club who's goal is to build a 1:1 full scale (interior and exterior) Millennium Falcon. We get into some real nerdy talk about everyone's favorite corellian freighter, go into the Falcon's history, get some mini-reviews of The Force Awakens, and focus on the jewel of the project: the full scale Falcon cockpit that is almost complete. So set your navicomputers for a hyperspace jump into fun!

00:00- Falcon Montage

01:15- Interview

1:06:20- Mind Probe

1:18:30  Thermal Oscillator Starkiller Base Trvia Run

Greg Grunberg ("Snap" Wexley from The Force Awakens) takes the Falcon for a spin.

Myth Busters proves that  this fan made Falcon cockpit is awesome!

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