Monday, April 25, 2016

EPISODE 050 - Slave Leia 101 & Celebrating Our Official 50th Episode!

We celebrate out official 50th episode by welcoming show creator Tim McMahon back to the show. Tim and Jason reminisce about shows from days past and give a big shout out to those who have helped make the Fandomverse what is is today.

In the 2nd part of the show Jason talks to cosplayers Jeff & Stephanie Horstman about dressing up as Slave Leia & the Facebook group they are moderators of: Slave Leia's Gold Bikini Appreciation Society.

Celebrating 50 Episodes with Tim McMahon- 00:30

SLAVE LEIA 101:Interview with Jeff & Stephanie Horstman- 14:35

Kylo Ren Mind Probe - 1:02:17

Who wants to be a Grand Jedi Master - 1:19:31

A young girl's take on Slave Leia - 1:28:12

Public Service Announcement - 1:31:34

Slave Leia's Gold Bikini Appreciation Society

darkeyedredhead flickr page

Stephanie's Fan Page on Facebook

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