Wednesday, August 6, 2014

EPISODE 001 - Craig Chenery, Star Wars poet

You're probably asking... "What?!? Another new episode already?!?"

Let me explain...  We had intended to release these episodes a week apart, but due to an incident involving kidney stones, our schedule was thrown of course.  We could have waited another week to release this episode, the first "official" episode of the all new, all improved, all awesomer Expanded Fandomverse, but... we were too exited to wait.  We had to release it to the world!

This weeks conversation is with Mr. Craig Chenery.  Craig is a man of many talents, but what brought him to our attention is his epic retelling of Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, in haiku form.  We're not just talking a handful of haikus, he wrote 200 or so stanzas to tell the entire story of the film!

Craig was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss his poem, growing up a Star Wars Fan, about his books, being a 501st member, fatherhood, long form improv, and much much more.  After you listen to our conversation, be sure to check out his poem.  It's a great read!

Also, this week Mr. Dan White is back with Chewing the Power Cables.  Dan revisits his annoyance with EU fans who wont seem to let things go.  And has a few words for Kevin Smith as well!

And this week, we start "Jason's Jawa Givaway".  (Utinni!)  Jason will be giving away the Celebration III exclusive action figure, Darth Vader from Revenge of the Sith.  This figure talks!  It has lines recorded by James Earl Jones specifically for this figure, and for this figure only!  So listen for that in the show, and for all the details about how you can win!

Show Timeline...
Into - 00:25
News - 1:38
Interview - 20:42
Five Questions Bonus Round - 52:45
Guest Game Time - 1:18:00
Correspondents - 1:23:50
Jasons Jawa Give Away - 1:25:10
Chewing the Power Cables with Dan White - 1:28:28
Ending - 1:34:15

Links to the News...

Links to Craig Chenery...

Here is a video of the Darth Vader figure that we are giving away as part of Jason's Jawa Giveaway. (Utini!).  --- Please note, this is not our video, just one we found on YouTube.

Oh, and one more thing...  You're probably wondering why this episode is numbered Episode 001.  
"There has already been an Episode 1!"  your saying.  Well, just like in Star Wars, continuity is fluid.

The first 10 episodes I did, which I now call me "beta period", and no longer part of the Expanded Fandomverse cannon.  Yes, they exist, but they now live under the "Legends" banner.  What this means is...  I'm starting over with the episode numbers.  That's all. No big deal.

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