Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EPISODE 009 - Allen Voivod, from SW7x7.com

We promised you a new show on Tuesday, and here we are, just under the wire, delivering you a new show on Tuesday!

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Allen Voivod of the Star Wars Seven By Seven podcast.  This is an amazing daily podcast where he manages to squeeze a heck of a lot into just a seven minute show.  I highly recommend making Allen's show part of your daily Star Wars routine.  We spoke to Allen about his production process, his love of vintage Star Wars toys, being a Star Wars Dad, and all about the amazing Star Wars items you can find on Etsy!

Also in the show, Jason and I continue our "speed round" version of the news, we discuss "man caves", and we wish our friend and show contributor Mr. Dan White well.  Dan was supposed to be "Chewing on the Power Cables" for us this week, but he has been under the weather.  Dan claims it's Ebola, but…  Get better soon Dan, or we'll have to have 2-1B dip you in the bacta tank!

Show Outline…
Intro - 00:25
News - 7:39
Interview - 20:10
Mind Probe - 59:41
Trench Run - 1:10:05
Ending - 1:23:16

Rebel's Online Premiere
Episode VII Is Nearly In The Can
Clone Wars Is Back, Kinda 
Episode VII Rumors, Chrome Edition 
Star Wars on Saturday Night Live
Plastic Galaxy
Shakespearean Star Wars To Continue 
Yet Another Mobile Star Wars Game Is Coming

Allen's Links…
Star Wars 7 By 7

Trench Run Etsy Items…
"What would R2-D2 Do" vinyl decal
Painting of boba fett & marie antoinet getting off a gondola entitled "Shore Leave 2" 
Duct tape Jabba the Hutt Pillow 
Imperial Porker Piggy Bank 
Yoda Dew or Dew Not? There is No More Pepsi. Gamer Geek with D&D Shirt and Funyuns Awesome Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Page Book Art Print 
R2-D2 Flask 
Boba Fett Flask
Magic the Gathering Custom Foil Card: Darth Vader 
Vinyl Record Clock - Star Wars. 
My Patronus is a Wookiee Vinyl Decal 
Deathstar inspired Pokeball Necklace 
Star Wars Flogger- Obi-Wan Kenobi Hilt 

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