Friday, October 3, 2014


We need your help!

Each week we like to play a little game with our guests.  Half the time it is a trivia based game.  Our guest this week is going to be Erin Neidigh, author of the new book "5,100 Question Mega-Ultimate Star Wars Quiz Book".  (Click the link to purchase the book!)

Well, it didn't feel right to try and stump the author of such an awesome trivia book with more trivia.  So this week, we are turning things around.  We have asked Erin to quiz US with some of her finest trivia questions!  Ten questions, starting easy, and then getting herder and harder.  We've left it up to Erin as to how this quiz is going to be run.

BUT, to make things more interesting, Jason and I are going to place a friendly wager on the outcome of the trivia contest.  However, we're not sure what the wager should entail.  So, we are going to leave that up to you!

Please call our hotline (205-383-3663), send us email ( or leave a comment on this post to tell us what we should do!  ---Please keep it family friendly folks, that's all we ask.

If we select your idea, we will immortalize you on the show!  Somehow.  I don't know, we'll figure that bit our later.  ;-)

So, there you go.  What do you think the two of us should lay on the line for this, the Mega-Ultimate Star Wars Trivia Challenge?

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