Wednesday, October 8, 2014

EPISODE 010 - Erin Neidigh, Star Wars trivia book author

Thanks for your patience once again. And welcome back to our TENTH EPISODE!!!

Our guest this week is Erin Neidigh, the author of "5,100 Question Mega-Ultimate Star Wars Quiz Book".  This is the largest Star Wars trivia book I have in my collection.  Pick it up today, and you will have hours and hours and hours of Star Wars Trivia fun! -

Erin was a great guest. She turned the tables on Jason and I this week.  Instead of our regular "Trench Run" where Jason and I quiz the guest, this time around our guest quizzed us!  It just didn't seem right you ask trivia questions of a trivia author, so we became the quizzies instead of the quizzers!  

And speaking of the "Trench Run", to make things more interesting, Jason and I decided to place a little wager on it's outcome.  Whomever lost would be required to carry out the "punishment" selected by our listeners and Erin.  So, what do you think the loser needs to do?  Let us know!  Leave a comment, email us at, or call our hotline at 205-383-3663.  All we ask is that you keep it "family friendly".

This week we also start another round of Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utinni!).  This time Jason is giving away a Star Wars Rebels poster and collection of pins from this years Hasbro booth at the San Diego Comic-Con!  To win, all you need to do is call our hotline at 205-383-3663 and leave us your mini-review of Star Wars Rebels!  One winner will be randomly selected from all participants.  And, we will be using the best reviews on the show!  You have until midnight October 19th to enter, so call today!

The Rebels Pins

The Rebels Poster - Front

The Rebels Poster - Back

Also, I need to apologize, Dan White isnt with us to chew the power cables again this week, due to scheduling problems.  I know, I know... Dan is the best part of the show!  But have no fear, we will do all that we can to have Dan back again next week.

So, ten episodes down!  Now what?  Well, to keep things interesting, we may make a few subtle changes.  I hate when we publish an episode late.  From this point forth, I'm going to release the show on Wednesday, just to give myself a little breathing room.  Thirty percent of the time so far I've needed the extra day, so…  Also, every ten episodes we will be changing the Mind Probe questions.  You'll still learn a bit more about our guests as Star Wars fans, but now with some new questions.  And finally, you may hear a commercial or two along the way now.  Sorry, we have to.  We're not looking to make big money, we just want to the show to pay for itself.  

Thanks for listening for the past ten episodes.  Please stick around for the next ten!

Show Outline…
Intro - 00:25
News - 4:00
Interview - 14:09
Mind Probe - 43:05
Trench Run - 53:09
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 1:11:26
Ending - 1:15:25


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