Wednesday, December 3, 2014

EPISODE 018 - Matt Hunsworth, from the Star Wars In Character podcast & The ArTmor Project

Our guest this week is Mr. Matt Hunsworth, from the Star Wars in Character podcast.  Not only is Matt a very funny podcaster, but he is also the driving force behind The Artmor Project.  This project has talented artists paint and craft on a set of Boba Fett armor chest plates, which are then sold at auction to raise money for Toys for Tots.  In their second year, the Artmor Project is growing, and this years auction is just around the corner.  Please see Matt's links below to learn how you can participate in this great event!

Not only do we talk to Matt about his podcast, and The Artmor Project, Matt also wows us by doing something that no other Expanded Fandomverse guest has done before!

Also in this weeks show, we discuss the news, but find there isn't much to talk about, because everyone is still too busy watching The Force Awakens trailer.  And we give away our Christmas stockings when we pull a winner from the hat in this round of Jason's Jawa Giveaway! (Utini!)

Show Outline...
Intro... 00:25
News... 5:45
Etsy Item Of The Week... 14:45
Interview... 17:50
Mind Probe... 56:56
Trench Run... 1:07:03
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:24:39
Ending... 1:27:17

Benedict Cumberbatch is NOT in The Force Awakens -
Save Mos Espa! -
R2-D2 goes Top 40! -

Etsy Item of the Week…
Millenium Falcon Soap -

Matt's Links- -
Star Wars in Character Podcast -
The Artmor Project -
Auction Site -

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