Monday, December 8, 2014

EPISODE 019 - A Super Sized Episode with Roxy the Rancor's Matt Paisley & Scott Will AND Austin Blankenship from Far Far Away Radio

Surprise!  This weeks episode of The Expanded Fandomverse is here two days sooner than normally!

"Why are so early?" you ask?  Well, the guests we had lined up for the show this week just coincidentally ended up making news this weekend, and we wanted to capitalize on this moment.  We had planned to talk to Matt "Redeye" Paisley and Scott Will, the handlers of Roxy the Rancor, about their Kickstarter Campaign.  They were trying to raise funds to build a new shipping container-slash-cave for Roxy, the worlds only life sized Rancor.  Matt, Scott and their team were half way through their fundraising, when, on Saturday, they had to abruptly bring an end to the campaign.  Well, this news quickly made it's way around the Star Wars blogosphere.  We had plans to talk to them on Sunday, and since this was big news, we decided to drop our show today, on Monday, to help get their story out.  Matt and Scott said we were only the second people they've talked to so far about all this! So, even though we are not journalists, we are going to consider this the first (semi) exclusive "scoop" by The Expanded Fandomverse!

This weeks episode was going to be a special one, even before the news about Roxy broke.  This is our first episode with not one, but TWO guest segments!  This week we also welcome Austin Blankenship to the show.  Austin is one of the hosts of the great Star Wars podcast, Far Far Away Radio!  Austin is also the driving force behind the Star Wars Podcast Fan Awards.  We talk to Austin about his show, about the awards, and about how you the listener can get involved in the awards to vote for your favorite show!  -Which is The Expanded Fandomverse, right? ;-)

Also, I want to apologize to Austin.  When I listened to this episode, I realized that I called his show "Radio Far Far Away", and did so more than once too!  I'm very sorry Austin.  I had mynocks flying around inside my brain!

This week we also start the next round of Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utini!).  To get in the running for an Epic Force Qui-Gon Jinn action figure, all you need to so is call us, and leave a voice mail with your best, or worst, Star Wars impression!  Call anytime, 205-383-3663.

Also this week, we put aside our normal "Etsy Item of the Week" segment to announce the opening of the OFFICIAL The Expanded Fandomverse Etsy Shop!  The shop will be up and running on Wednesday, December 10th.  Check back then to find the links to our our little store where you can purchase pendents with the Expanded Fandomverse logo!

And finally, this week we cover the news as alway, and for the first time we answer your letters on the show!  Yes, this truly is a super-sized episode!  Enjoy!

Show Outline...
Intro... 00:25
News... 2:05
Etsy Item Of The Week... 10:18
Interview with Matt Redeye Paisley and Scott Will, the handlers of Roxy the Rancor… 13:00
Trench Run... 49:07
Jason's Jawa Giveaway... 1:04:09
Interview with Austin Blankenship from Far, Far Away Radio and the Star Wars Podcast Fan Awards… 1:40:00
Letters… 1:51:35
Ending... 1:56:34

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