Sunday, August 9, 2015

EPISODE 034 - Marcelo Zuniga

Sometimes, it's the simple things in life…

Our guest this week, Mr. Marcelo Zuniga, had a simple idea, which quickly took off and went viral.  Marcelo has a YouTube channel that is pretty much nothing but Star Wars clips.  Well, recently, he put together a side by side comparison of the theatrical releases of the films, and the multiple "special editions" we've had over the years.   Like I said, simple.  

This is stuff we, as Star Wars fans know about, and have all seen before.  But, when he posted it on YouTube, it soon spread like wildfire!  It was featured on Nerdist, io9, Collider, Geekology, Slate, Indiewire, Screenrant, and many many MANY others.

Marcelo and I had a great conversation about all the changes, giving our opinions on what works, what doesn't, what bothers us, and what we would like to change.  

Also this week, we unceremoniously mark our one year anniversary!  Yes, The Expanded Fandomverse has been coming your way for a year now!  It snuck up on us, so we didn't have time to plan anything special, but we chat a bit about this special occasion this week, and look back on the year we've had.

Or rather, I should say I babble about it for a bit, because, unfortunately, I (Tim) was alone this week!  Neither Dan nor Jason could join me this week, so I was left all alone, to talk to myself, like I did in the "beta period" of the show!

And remember, don't forget Jason's Jawa Giveawy (Utinni!).  Just use the hostage  #FANDOMVERSE on Social Media by the end of the month, and you will be in the running for a copy of The Force Awakens teaser poster!

Show Outline…
Opening - 0:42
Wookiepedia Campaign - 3:25
Interview - 10:46
Mind Probe - 49:44
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 56:21
Closing - 57:52

Marcelo's YouTube Channel -
Marcelo's Comparison Videos...

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