Monday, August 17, 2015

EPISODE 035 - Mike Appling from

This week we welcome Mr. Mike Appling to the show.  Mike is the creator of, THE place to shop online for all your Stormtrooper cos-play needs!  We talk to Mike about what it takes to turn your passion into a business, we get a little wonky about Stormtrooper armor and the 501st, Mike shares some "insider information" about Anovos, and he tells what could possibly be the funniest Star Wars origin story I have ever heard.

This week, we also bring back Mr. Steve Greenwood to the show.  Steve was one of our earliest guests, and he is the co-founder of  I talk to Steve about the chances we have of getting The Expanded Fandomverse into "The Wook.".  The short answer… no. BUT, he does leave us with a sliver of hope!

We bring back "The News" section to the show this time around.  There was just so much stuff announced and released this week, that we felt we had to talk about it!   What kind of podcasters would be be if we didn't?

And finally, we give you all another reminder about the #FANDOMVERSE contest, all part of Jason's Jawa Giveaway (Utinni!) There are only two weeks left to get into the running to win the teaser poster for The Force Awakens!

Show Outline….
Intro - 00:42
News - 5:08
Interview - 28:30
Trench Run - 1:06:35
Jason's Jawa Giveaway - 1:13:10
Steven Greenwood - 1:15:40
Ending - 1:28:28

Mike's Links…
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Pinterest -
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Poway Sign Company -

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